We are pleased to advise “officially” that we have purchased a much sought after certified stud male from Sarah and Peter Busby of Gilt Edge Alpacas New Zealand. Grand Flowerdale CY Prince Inta ET will arrive in Australia on 15th February 2017.We have been searching for this type of male for a long time and are so grateful of Gilt Edge in releasing  this male. We are excited with the prospect of this enhancing our already award winning genetics. Interestingly Prince Inta was born in Australia, exported to New Zealand and is now  coming back to Australia.IMG_3709-1-Prince-Inta-150x150[1]



Futura Alpaca Stud is proud to advise that a progressive South Australian stud has purchased a half share in our stud male – Rosedeane Sayonara.

Sayonara who is a multiple Supreme Champion winner is passing on his very desirable heritable genes to his progeny. He now resides at Fleur De Lys Alpacas from February to June/July each year, then returns to Western Australia to complete his stud servicing.

We commend Lee and Greg from Fleur De Lys for their half share purchase in one of Australia’s most progressive and successful new stud males.

Lee and Greg would be happy to discuss Sayonara’s mating schedule etc upon his return to South Australia.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


We were invited to enter Rosedeane Sayonara in the Stud Sires Mating auction as a fund raiser for the conference. There were numerous high profile stud males that participated with keen bidding right up to the cut off time. We are proud to advise that Rosedeane Sayonara received the highest bid of the conference event being $1,700 AUD. He will service a South Australian female soon and then return to Western Australia.

Rosedeane Sayonara

Rosedeane Sayonara



Futura Assassin, Futura Heart Throb and Futura Escobar

Never in our wildest dreams would we have predicted how well we would have done at the Australian Alpaca Assn National Show and Sale recently held in Bendigo Victoria.

We originally entered 8 animal and brought home 2. Not only did all of our Rosedeane Sayonara young males do well in the show ring but all were sold at the show. Also our nominated auction animal, Futura Calamity Jane was entered in the show and she won Champion Senior Female and best White Female of Show. This enhanced her selling price and was sold at auction for $35,000 AUD and now resides in New South Wales.

Our 3 junior white males were placed First, Second and Third in there class of 25 animals. This is an extremely rare event at National Show level.

Our junior brown female entered, Futura Perfect Wish (Humdinger’s first progeny – now located in New Zealand) was placed first in a class of 24 animals and ultimately won best Brown Female of Show.

Our daughter Alison, who assisted us at the show was run off her feet promoting and selling our juniors.




We have had some stunning junior animals born and will be nominating 7 Juniors in our contingent of 10 animals for the show which will be transported by truck to the Bendigo show grounds. Watch out for our show results after 10th – 13th of October 2013



We are proud to advise our nomination of Futura Calamity Jane has been accepted in this years National Show Auction. She is one of 12 animals accepted out of a total of 31 animals nominated. Details will be posted after the 10th to 13 th of October 2013 show.


Futura Humdinger - now in New Zealand

Photo required for Humdinger’s nomination for the National Auction 2012


Has settled into his new home(s) in New Zealand and we understand he has been a very busy boy, obviously loving the New Zealand females. Will plan a trip to NZ  to view his progeny next year.


As a direct result of Sayonara’s progeny doing so well at the 2012 AAA Adelaide National Show, we have sold a half share in him to a progressive stud outside Western Australia. He will spend half of the year in our home state and the remainder in the eastern states. We understand he has been very busy sinse February 2013 and due back after he has completed his mating committment. We understand he has been very busy and look forward to seeing his progeny on the ground next year (2014).

Humdinger nominated and accepted to the National Show Auction

Futura Humdinger - National Auction Photo

Photo required for Humdinger’s nomination for the National Auction 2012

Three times Supreme Champion, Futura Humdinger will be offered for sale at the Australian Alpaca Assn National Auction in Adelaide South Australia on 28th October 2012

Together with seven of our other animals we will drive across Australia from Albany Western Australia to Adelaide South Australia to attend this years National Show. A distance of 2700 kilometres.

Please refer to the AAA National Show and Sale catalogue for details.

National Alpaca Week in Albany (Alpacas go to town)

Animals to the people



 We decided to promote Alpacas in a different way this year. With City of Albany permission we took the animals to the people and had a display of animals and products in the main street. We had a very positive response, with some encouraging leads.

Fleece to the World Alpaca Conference 2012

Intimidator's cria fleece

Intimidator's fleece


We have decided to enter Futura Intimidator’s first fleece in the international fleece show at the World Alpaca Conference, to be held in Oxfordshire UK 10th – 12th April.

Intimidator’s fleece will compete against the worlds best.

For those breeders who will be attending the fleece show and conference, we invite you to have a look at his fleece.

Bottle Feeding Bravado

Bravado having his morning bottle

Bravado at 2 months having his bottle

For the first time in 18 years we find ourselves hand raising an orphan cria. Bravado is 2 months old and he is adjusting to his new supply of milk.

Junior Judging – November 2011

Greg and Judy were once again involved for the second year in the students from the Denmark Agricultural College  by lecturing at the college and conducting courses on farm to learn how to judge alpacas. The six finalists then judged at the Albany show. We plan to continue with our involvement with the college.

Junior Handler – November 2011

This is the first time our grandson Damon Venrooy (aged 7 years) entered the Junior Handlers competition at the Albany Show. He accomplished the tasks and Angela Preuss (Judge) happily awarded him a medallion for his efforts. The alpaca he took into the show ring (Futura Intimidator) behaved beautifully.

Australian Alpaca Association National Show – October 2011

We sent 5 animals on the truck for their 7750 kilometre round trip to Sydney New South Wales to showcase some of our animals. All 5 animals were awarded ribbons – 2 x 1s , 1 x 2nd  and 2 highly commended and the highlight being Futura Humdinger winning Best Mid/Dark Fawn of show. Humdinger and his half sister Futura Pzazz were also awarded 2nd place in the Dam’s Progeny being Futura Rouge Aule’. Our Junior White Male Futura Intimidator made his mark by being placed 2nd in a highly competitive field of 40 animals.

The National proved to be a busy event with interested local and international breeders coming to our pen for a hands on look at our animals. Definitely worth the trip!


Victorian Colourbration Show, Bendingo – August 2011

This was our first time exhibiting at this show and so 2 animals were trucked over while we flew. We won 3rd place with Futura Humdinger in a class of 9 Adult Mid/Dark fawn animals and a 1st with Futura Dynasty in Adult Light Fawn female class and went on to win  Reserve Champion Light Fawn.

A great start for our Eastern States showing.

New Alpaca Float – June 2011

Saw a major project undertaken by Greg to convert our 10foot x 6 foot tandem trailer into a 5 star alpaca float. The picture shows the final result and now can transport upto 10 animals in comfort.

Futura Excalibur – February 2010

His first fleece was entered in the Canberra Royal Show and won CHAMPION FLEECE 6-12 mos with 83 points (1/2 point behind the Supreme). Congratulations to Geoff & Jenny Smith of Angeal Ridge Alpacas from Yass ACT.

Perth Royal Show – October 2010

This was the first show that Rosedeane Sayonara’s progeny were exhibited (Dynasty, Humdinger and Titanic) and what an impact.

First in the show ring was Futura Dynasty (light fawn) who won her class and went on to win CHAMPION JUNIOR FEMALE. Next was Futura Humdinger (mid/dark fawn) who won his class and then went on to win CHAMPION JUNIOR MALE. Futura Titanic went on to win Best Wether. Dynasty and Humdinger were virtually pitted against each other in the line up for supreme. Humdinger went on to win SUPREME CHAMPION and also the prestigious Best of Breed.

Rosedeane Sayonara (himself a 5 times Supreme Champion) has produced a supreme winner in his first drop. His influence on our herd has been nothing short of sensational.